About us


10 years in Morzine !

For 10 years, Jean Noel and Kristel have been welcoming you at the restaurant Le Clin d’Oeil in the heart of Morzine. South West cuisine, Savoyard specialties and much more are served in a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. Using only good quality ingredients, Jean-Noël cooks with simplicity and generosity.

Our roots from South West France influence our cooking… homemade “Cassoulet”,Duck Leg with Ceps, Duck Breast with Poached Peaches…

Cheese Fondue, Raclette and Tartiflette… all the Savoyarde favorites are also on our menu for the cheese lovers.

To complement your dinner, Kristel has selected 60 bottles of wine… a fruity Côte du Rhône (20€) , a fabulous Haut Marbuzet (89€) or a delicious Fixin (43€)… a large choice for all the tastes and all the occasions.

The restaurant is divided into 3 parts : the “big room” can sit up to 42 guests, a second room welcoming around 20 guests and the veranda which can sit up to 32 people. The rooms can be reserved for groups.


The team

Anne Lise, Aude Amélie, Magda and Andy are on our sides to welcome you this summer.

Anne Lise: French and fluent in English, Anne Lise is a very smily positive person. She will make you feel at home !

Aude Amélie: Our newcomer, she is studying to become a magistrate but this summer, she will learn to be a perfect waitress !

Andy: One of our regular in the kitchen. He knows the place by heart.

Magda: You might not see Magda during the service but she is working hard with the Chef.